Front Society Shoes

Front Society Shoes was first established in 2013 by Cecilia Lindberg Skandsen and Anette Kahrs. With many years in the business, they developed the shoes based on what they thought was missing from other brands they worked with, not to mention what they wanted to wear themselves. Today, the brand is run by Cecilia only, with producers in Portugal and Spain. With leather as the main material, each season presents classic and unique designs with a comfortable fit. From boots to pumps, this inexpensive footwear is made for walking, regardless if you are going dancing or to work.


Nobody’s Perfect 🖤 @annynordshoes // Perfect for 🍁🍂🌧💦❄️ #annynordshoes #swedishdesign
Contrast 🖤🧡 @annynordshoes 
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Escape From The West 🖤 @annynordshoes 👯‍♀️. #annynordshoes #swedishdesign #madeforwalking
Sybil 🤩 Keeps you warm 🍁 @rails 🍁 
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Made For Walking 🖤 @blueonblue_shoes 🍁🍂 // Chelsea boots 👟👯‍♀️
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Rails Cashmere 🍁🍂 @rails // Elise cashmere sweater 🍁
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